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Save Big on Fun in 2019

By December 2, 2019 No Comments

Safe, creative playground equipment can promote healthy development in kids by stimulating physical activity and imaginative thinking — but often, that equipment comes at a premium. That’s why we’re happy to offer a large selection of quality play equipment at up to 50% off full price for the rest of 2019!

Whether you’re looking for monkey bars or slides, climbing walls or sensory play modules, we have the equipment to meet your needs at a price point that feels good. Classic or modern, nautical or space-themed, our playground equipment suits all environments, including schools, churches, daycares, homes and more. And as always, regardless of price, safety is at the heart of everything we create.

For the little monkeys in your life, our Challengers playgrounds offer many ways to climb and slide, including rock walls, climbing squares, ladders, monkey bars, bridges, and covered and uncovered slides. These versatile, standalone pieces are on sale through December starting as low as $7,160!

Our Motion Play equipment serves as added fun to any play environment, incorporating repetitive motion that engages and delights kids of many ages. Kids can bounce to their hearts’ content on our spring-powered “Bing Boing,” spin each other on the “Revo,” or join in on our multi-kid swing “Vaquero” for an elastic, cowboy-inspired wild ride.

Engaging the senses is critical to development, and music in particular is shown to improve certain cognitive skills and even boost compassion in growing children. Our Sensory Play Music Panels put this engagement right on the playground, giving kids access to sounds, songs, and drum beats.

And if you’re looking for spectacular, safe equipment that goes above and beyond, our deluxe Playmakers playgrounds are at their lowest prices for the year. These deluxe sets span up to nearly 44 feet, accommodating up to 73 children across bridges, slides, climbers, and terraces for unlimited imaginative play.

For big or small play environments, whether you’re accommodating kindergartners or tweens, the best savings of the year on playground equipment can be found right here — all the way through 2019! So take advantage of this opportunity to save up to half off of our safe, versatile play equipment for a limited time.

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