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Playgrounds Maintenance and Sanitation

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Q: How do I keep my playground in safe, working order?

A: Using a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) to routinely check your structures is the best way to ensure your playground is in safe, working order. If you don’t have a CPSI on your staff, our team can help. Our playground maintenance program – Pelican Playgrounds Preservation Program – can help eliminate the guesswork. Our CPSIs have been trained through the National Park and Recreation Association’s program and will visit your sites routinely. We’ll do a walk-through of the site and structures while tightening and replacing needed hardware that may be missing, worn, or broken. You’ll receive a final report with photos/videos and comments that will include both required playground repairs and optional recommendations. From there, we’ll help you identify items that will be covered under warranty: free replacements & free freight! Finally, we can provide a quote for playground repairs, replacement parts, and needed safety surfacing.

One of the most frequent findings from these inspections is insufficient Engineered Wood Fiber (AKA playground mulch) required for critical fall heights. It has been estimated that at least 33% of playground accidents could be avoided with a planned maintenance program (National Playground Safety Institute). Keeping children safe is a top priority for us all. Give us a call today to discuss your needs: 504-909-6544.

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