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Pelican Playgrounds is proud to feature the Quito freestanding climbing net. Manufactured by our partners, Playworld, the Quito is designed to promote climbing play for all ages and abilities.  

Quito has many different features that create dynamic play. The asymmetrical ropes around the structure come in a variety of vertical and horizontal combinations. This creates different challenges for kids as they navigate inside, outside, up, down, and through the structure. There is also the passageway which is an inclined flex tread climber leading to the center of the structure. This passageway makes it possible for children to crawl or climb to the core of the structure.

sitting on Quito

Pelican Team on the Quito at the 2022 Playworld Sales Meeting!

There are three levels to the Quito: the base, the center, and the top. The Quito was designed for ample hangout space to allow kids to relax, congregate and chill while they experience unstructured play. Those hangout spaces are in the center of the structure and also at the top to give additional physical challenges for adventurous kids to reach these areas.

Occupational therapist Keriann Wilmot, author of the book Wired Differently: A Teacher’s Guide to Understanding Sensory Processing Challenge, notes how Quito’s dynamic rope is beneficial to child development made up of areas of flexibility, versatility, and self-regulation. The loose nets that make up the structure require a child to balance and develop strength. The designated hangout spots allow children to develop social play and partnership. It provides stimulating play for all children to evolve their problem-solving skills.

The Quito will be included in the Dunham School’s renovated play space in Summer 2023.

Climbing, crawling, and crouching are all ways to play on the Quito. There is no wrong or right way to explore this innovative structure. Pelican Playgrounds is so excited to add the Quito to our designs and your future playgrounds!