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Stay Safe in the Sun

Skin cancer is the most common cancer, but also the most preventable. Outdoor play is an important part of a child’s development and encourages an active and healthy lifestyle. However, we want to ensure children are safe and protected when exposed to the sun. The CDC explains that increased UV exposure in childhood and adolescence increases the risk of developing skin cancer as an adult. There are many ways to take precautions against skin cancer, including modifications and additions to outdoor spaces like playgrounds. 

Seeking Shade

Staying in the shade can be one of the best ways to limit exposure to harmful UV rays. The CDC guidelines for schools recommend creating sun-safe spaces and increasing the availability of shaded areas to limit harmful sun exposure.

Shade structures can be used for sun protection over playgrounds, outdoor classrooms, sports fields, splash parks, and more, blocking up to 97% of UV rays and reducing temperatures by up to 25%. The shade also helps your equipment last longer and prevents it from getting too hot to touch. We have a variety of shape, size, and color options to fit any of your needs.


Shelters can also create a cooler and shadier space for a break from the sun. Include tables or benches to create a space for eating and gathering. Check out our shelter options to find the right fit for your outdoor space. 

UV Exposure Awareness

Solaware is a sun safety technology that provides important information about UV rays. 

The Solaware unit converts UV index into the number of “minutes until skin damage,” reminding you to monitor your time spent in the sun as well as to take precautions like sunscreen and protective clothing and eyewear. The Solaware sun safety display can be installed at new or existing playgrounds, parks, or other outdoor spaces.  

Taking precautions against skin cancer is extremely important for people of all ages. Including these protective elements in your outdoor space will ensure a more safe and comfortable environment for your community. Pelican Playgrounds is here to help with every step from fundraising and grant writing to design and installation. Please get in touch with us to learn more about these options.