Six of the Best Public Playgrounds to Seek Inspiration from

There are a dozen reasons why it is important to put a focus on public spaces such as a playground. Not only can it improve the quality of people’s lives in terms of happiness and health, but it can also bring the community together. Building a vibrant area in which parents can meet and chat while their youngsters play and meet friends, learn new skills, and even get in some exercise to boot, is vital. If this wasn’t enough, in addition, you could also put your city or town on the map, portraying yourself as a popular space in which to have fun!

If done right, you can make this a space in which people want to come to, whether you are a school, a park, a museum, or even a community center. However, knowing how to go about this can be difficult. This is why we have put together this guide. We want to help you design the ultimate playground, so here are six inspiring ideas from some of Playworld’s best designs that already exist to get you going on your project.

  1. Patriot Park

Found in Saratoga Springs, the Patriot park has several outstanding features that make this a place for children to run around and find the fun in sports and exercise. This park is complete with baseball fields, batting cages, and pickleball courts, so kids of all ages can learn to love the different sports, while the playground plays tribute to those sports in the form of giant baseball-themed equipment children can climb on. Playworld equipment such as this is installed properly and safely by our professionals. This is then properly maintained by Pelican Playground’s maintenance staff so that it is always in working order to maximize safety and fun.

1. Little River Park

This park was design picked by the children in the community of Moore, OK. The children selected a land meets sea design, and so the playground equipment reflects the different sections. Children can set sail aboard the pirate ships found on one side of the playground, or climb the giant treehouse that sits nicely on the other, allowing for plenty of climbing and sliding for children.

2. Gateway Park

Who says the beach had to be next to the ocean? The Gateway Park in Sunny Isles Beach, FL sports a beach-style theme to the equipment with blue walls and carpet to complete the look. This park shows that it doesn’t matter how big or small your space is, you can make it a fun and exciting place for children to let their imaginations run wild!

3. East Riverfront Park

Children of all abilities can enjoy the East Riverfront Park in South Jordan, UT with sensory, physical, and social activities being a primary focus. This park took inspiration from the natural environment around the playground, so it fits perfectly and spurs on imaginative thinking amongst the children.

4. Stodden Park

For many of the playgrounds, the design takes inspiration from the surroundings. This one in Butte, MT, however, from the in-depth history that town has with mining. Equipment in the playground has been transformed to look like a working mine. Kids can climb a big haul truck and slide down the twisty designs. They can even climb a look-alike mining tower and look across the playground from the top. If that wasn’t enough, they can also climb to the top of the replicated well-known landmark, The Big M.

5. Goethals Nature Park

Playground equipment doesn’t have to be brightly colored or manufactured. You can embrace nature and use the natural elements you have around you, just like Goethals Nature Park in Richland, Washington has done. Using log structures, children can climb over and under, balance, and take to the sky on a zipline. This nature-designed playground makes playing not just fun, but also an adventure.

Hopefully, this has inspired you with plenty of creative ideas about how to get your playground started. For further help making your ideal playground come to life, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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