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Greetings! My name is David Cote, and I am with Solaware Sun Safety, a division of Vanessa Research, Inc., a bio-medical company invested in creating healthier communities in the Gulf South and beyond.

As our National Sales Manager, I am excited to announce that Lauren Knight and her team at Pelican Playgrounds are now your exclusive Solaware Sun Safety dealers in Louisiana and Mississippi!

Solaware is “sun safety, simplified.” The Solaware unit is a sun safety awareness display that alerts you to the real-time dangers of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Solaware converts the UV Index into a simple “Minutes Until Skin Damage” display. Our educational message boards serve as a reminder to limit your time in the sun, and re-apply sunscreen if necessary.

Unfortunately, there are more people diagnosed with skin cancer than all other cancers COMBINED. In fact, one in five people will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime. That results in 9,500 people being diagnosed with melanoma on a daily basis. Far worse, more than 20 people die from melanoma every single day.

Skin damage is cumulative. Even from a young age, whether on the playground or at the beach, every sunburn increases your chances of developing skin cancer. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, every five sunburns doubles your risk of melanoma.

Fortunately, skin cancer is also the most preventable of all cancers.

That’s where Solaware comes in. Our goal is to work together with local leaders who can be advocates for sun safety, communities that can influence and change behavior, and people who can help prevent skin cancer before it starts.

Please ask the Pelican Playgrounds team about adding a Solaware sun safety display to your playground, pool, or splash pad today. When you install a Solaware unit and initiate a sun safety program, we can help you achieve your community’s health and wellness goals. We can customize a sun safety solution tailored to your community’s size, recreational spaces, and budget. We have units in stock and ready for your outdoor space. Solaware displays are popping up at beaches, parks, resorts, golf courses, and college campuses across the US.

Several health and wellness grants may be available through your local and state government. You may also consider partnering with a local healthcare provider to co-sponsor your Solaware Sun Safety unit for your playground. Does your park have a concession stand? Your Solaware display signage can even direct customers into your retail space for sunscreen, and other SPF-rated items, like hats, sunglasses, lip balm, and UPF shirts.

Together, we can stop skin cancer before it starts. Please call the Pelican Playgrounds team (504.909.6544) to get your Solaware Sun Safety program and displays ordered today, or visit to learn more.

For more information about skin cancer, please visit the Skin Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society