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There are so many ways to incorporate green thinking into playground design. Being environmentally-friendly is crucial to Pelican Playgrounds and our partners, which is why we prioritize structures and materials that use little waste and energy. Playgrounds should be as sustainable as they are fun!

At Pelican Playgrounds, we have many options for clean surfacing for a new playground. Our partners at Forever Lawn designed the turf the inner layers are made of recycled water bottles and soybean. Those inner layers provide safety cushion when playing on the turf! All products themselves have a 15 year warranty so the unrecycled materials are getting proper use during their life span. The pour-in-place rubber surfacing we use at Pelican is all made from recycled tires!

This is a cross-section of Forever Lawn’s Turf! Just one way to create a green playground!

Pelican Playgrounds just released a new product called the Playsoleil, which lights a playground with solar power. The Playsoleil is installed on top of posts or structures and requires nothing but the sun to provide safety, and care for the playground after hours. There is no extra part, or piece needed to install the Playsoleil so there is little waste with its actual installation process!

Here are the Playsoleil lights in action!

Our manufacturer, Playworld, is a proud creator of green playgrounds. They practice recycling their scrap metal and plastic to various local vendors. Anything and everything counts to saving the planet!

We strive to be the best that we can be at Pelican Playgrounds, for our customers and for the Earth. We hope everyone has a safe, happy and sunny Earth Day this April!