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What if there was a way to integrate play into STEM education? Thanks to the Memo and Kinetic Towers there is! No child wants to sit at a desk and mindlessly solve calculations; it’s boring. Pelican Playgrounds is excited to highlight two new products that are mentally and physically stimulating for children of all ages.

The Memo is an interactive play pillar system that sits on top of a play-field, providing games for children to test their knowledge. The Memo comes with an extensive library of games to choose from, ranging from simple math to physics. Children are posed with a question, find the answer among the seven pillars and run to the pillar they think is correct. This wifi connected structure times the quickness of their responses and tracks it with a points system. The Memo can also be programmed to play in different languages, difficulty levels and is accessible to those who use mobility devices. Children with learning disabilities will also benefit from an interactive learning setting that allows them to collaborate with their peers.

The Kinetic Towers is a two tower system, where a child can spin the wheel to turn the topper or link the towers and turn the opposite topper.  These toppers allow children to explore fine motor and sensory experiences with cognitive learning. Children will need to use critical thinking to discover the relationship and interactive nature between the towers. The wheel that spins the toppers is accessible to all with it being low enough for children in mobility devices to reach. The Kinetic Tower provides a visual draw to the playground because of their size and design.


Pelican Playgrounds is so excited to add these structures to your future playgrounds and outdoor classrooms. Math class is something to look forward to!