How to Prioritize Your Child’s Safety on the Playground

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When it comes to playtime, it’s safety first! Luckily, it is indeed possible for parents to take action in order to reduce the chances of their child sustaining an injury on the playground. Here is what we at Pelican Playgrounds would like you to know. 

What playground injuries are most common?

According to research, falls from playground equipment account for up to two-thirds of all injuries sustained by kids playing on playgrounds. These falls often result in painful fractures or soft tissue injuries. The question is, other than constantly shouting at your child to ‘be careful!’, how can you limit the risk of a fall from a particularly tall piece of playground equipment? Pelican Playgrounds recommends the following:

  • All playgrounds should have Welcome Signs that displays safety information, welcomes visitors, educates park users and more. Read the sign for important information about appropriate age groups for play structures.
  • Gauge the height of any equipment as best you can before allowing your child to play on it. A general rule of thumb, if your child is under the age of six, is to avoid any structures that are higher than 5ft tall. For older children, it is anything higher than 7ft tall. Always ensure that they only make use of the age-appropriate equipment! 
  • Ensure that the surfaces beneath the playground equipment are soft and appropriate to cushion falls if they do occur. A great option to consider is Engineered Wood Fiber (similar to landscaping mulch). 

Playground maintenance

Along with paying close attention to the overall design of the playground equipment, children’s safety is also heavily dependent on how well that equipment is taken care of. Regular playground equipment maintenance is a must, and companies like Pelican Playgrounds often offer a service plan on all playground equipment, so qualified experts can always ensure that your child’s safety is a top priority when they are playing outdoors. 


Ultimately, kids can be pretty daring, and this is true for kids of all ages and genders. Hence the reason why adult supervision is essential when kids are playing on playground equipment of any kind.  Even if your child is over the age of 10, accidents can still happen. In many cases, these accidents take place as a result of poor judgment and could have been prevented if the kids were under the watchful eye of a parent, teacher, or guardian. So, pull up a chair and use it as an excuse to sit down, relax, and enjoy some peace of mind. 

Notifying the authorities

It is very important to notify the relevant authorities if you ever notice any unsafe equipment in a public space or at your child’s school. You can always feel free to pass along the Pelican Playground repairs and maintenance phone number (504.493.8124) and we’ll see how we can help that playground owner. The faster these safety hazards are dealt with, the lower the chances are of any children getting hurt while at play. 

By keeping the aforementioned advice in mind, your kids are sure to savor many hours of fun on the playground with minimal mishaps taking place.


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