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Every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 250,000 children under the age of 14 visit the emergency room with playground-related injuries. The National Playground Safety Institute estimates these numbers could drop by one-third or more with planned playground maintenance.

We all know how important preventive maintenance is for our homes, our cars, and our own health, but we don’t always keep playground maintenance front-of-mind, even though our most precious loved ones — our children — spend active time there on a regular basis.

Staying ahead with preventive maintenance

Pelican Playgrounds team members have spent decades helping to ensure kids get access to safe, fun equipment, and that goes far beyond design and installation. We offer our own preventive maintenance program, the “Pelican Playground Preservation Program,” to keep our playgrounds in excellent condition and help maintain a safe play environment. We service schools, public parks, apartment complexes, homeowner associations, churches, and many other playground locations throughout Louisiana and Mississippi.

Our Playground Preservation Programs* fall at three convenient price points, and all of them offer peace of mind. No matter what level of service you choose, a thorough inspection will help ensure your equipment stays in proper working order, reducing the risk of injury allowing you and your staff to focus your attention on your own priorities.

Pelican Playgrounds’ preventive maintenance experts will help you identify parts that need replacement — including those still under warranty — and will leave you with a detailed report for insurance or documentation purposes. Our decades-long experience also offers much greater value than trying to train an employee from the ground up.

Program types

Typically, the amount of use your playground gets will determine the best maintenance for you. We offer the following programs along with multisite discounts and custom maintenance based on your unique playground site and maintenance needs.

  • Annual single-site walkthrough: $800
  • Biannual single-site walkthroughs: $1,350
  • Quarterly single-site walkthroughs: $1,950

In addition to our Playground Preservation Programs, we also offer add-ons such as power washing and landscaping to keep your area clean and inviting.

Each program includes a walkthrough and visual inspection from a Certified Playground Safety Inspector, hardware assessment and replacement, and Playground Preservation Program report detailing our findings with written and photographic documentation. In every inspection, we:

  • Review equipment and component for structural or finish damage
  • Check footings to ensure support is secure and footing is not damaged
  • Check use zones for obstructions and damage
  • Ensure the area is free from trash, broken glass, weeds, trip hazards, etc.
  • Assess your current safety surfacing for proper depth, drainage, and distribution, and notify you immediately with any observed safety concerns
  • Identify any loose bolts, screws, castings, fasteners and tighten as needed
  • Include stainless steel replacement hardware that may be missing, worn, or broken on your equipment**
  • Create a written report of findings with accompanying photographs, including:
    • All items fixed/hardware installed during the onsite visit
    • All broken/unsafe equipment observed during the walkthrough
    • Noting items that can be replaced for free under current warranties
  • Give you the option to request a quote for replacement equipment, additional safety surfacing, and installation fees

Giving back

We believe children in our communities should have access to safe equipment when they play, and we also believe in helping to preserve these communities and greater Gulf Coast habitats through our ongoing outreach. To facilitate this commitment, we annually donate a portion of our Playground Preservation Program proceeds to help protect and restore the natural resources of the Gulf Coast.

*The Playground Preservation Program is meant to complement your existing maintenance program. Please refer and follow the manufacturer’s routine maintenance requirements. Walkthroughs are scheduled once PO or 50% deposit is received for the earliest available date.

**Some replacement hardware exclusions apply.