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It’s Love the Boot Week in Louisiana, and Pelican Playgrounds is showing love to our home state. This week, owner Lauren Knight, Leah, and Grace helped clean up City Park in New Orleans in celebration of Earth Day. Here are 10 things you can do to show appreciation for our parks and playgrounds.


Appreciate our parks and playgrounds

Leah, Lauren and Grace picking up trash at City Park.


  1. Make sure to clean up after yourself when leaving parks and playgrounds!

  2. Share equipment with the people around you!

  3. Get involved with your city’s volunteer program to do monthly or quarterly clean-ups!

  4. Go to the park with friends on a nice day!

  5. Donate to local organizations that help preserve parks and playgrounds.

  6. Call playground installers (like Pelican Playgrounds) when you see broken equipment!

  7. Teach children about the importance of the parks and the earth. Teach about climate change and the effects of our waste on our planet.

  8. Take your children to play and teach them about the importance of exercise!

  9. Exercise your own body by going for a run or using outdoor fitness equipment like ExoFit at parks!

  10. Show love for our parks on social media!


Parks and playgrounds are community spaces to gather, play and relax. We are so lucky to live in a world with beautiful resources such as our city parks.  We need to act together to protect the planet we live on. We hope you all have a great Earth Day this month and continue to use our parks.