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This month Pelican Playgrounds debuts our newest playgrounds at Aberdeen Elementary and Belle Shivers Middle School in Mississippi. Students, our team, and city officials came together for a ribbon cutting on April 11 to celebrate the new structures. We have been working on these projects since last October and are thrilled with the response from the town and school!


Ribbon Cutting

Here is the ribbon cutting ceremony at Aberdeen Elementary School.



Playgrounds are crucial to children’s social and physical development. Every child should have access to safe and exciting play! We are so proud to be providing that for the Aberdeen community and generations to come.  A playground’s ribbon cutting is always something to celebrate. School Board President Patrick Lockett agreed and said “Everyone, even children, needs an out-of-the-box space – a safe space – they can go in and get out of the box. After going through the classes and sitting through the classroom lectures, it’s ideal they have a space they can go in and disconnect and build social skills. They learn how to interact and be good teammates with each other, how to coexist in the same space, how to accept the differences of each other. It all begins on the playground.”


ribbon cutting

Here’s Belle Shivers Middle School ribbon cutting ceremony!



We want to thank our teammates, School Board President Patrick Lockett, Belle Shivers Principal Kennetra Smith, Aberdeen Elementary Principal Kristen Fondren, Superintendent Andrea Pastchal-Smith, our President Lauren Knight and new Mississippi Sales Representative Alex Wilcox, for working tirelessly to bring these projects to fruition. We look forward to years of play and a strong relationship with the Aberdeen community.