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Pelican Playgrounds wants to make outdoor recreation as attainable and easy as possible. Everyone deserves a safe and inviting place to play and relax. We have compiled a list of resources from our partners at LAPPSET to help guide you in your process to funding the playground of your dreams.


Firstly, have a set plan on what your project is, and what components you need to get it done. Make sure to write your need statement, design, timeline and budget for your project. To calculate the total cost of your budget, make sure to include installation, site preparation, and freight on top of the equipment. Our friends at LAPPSET recommend to include a 25% contingency expense line item in the budget.

Secondly, create a grant proposal. This proposal should highlight the value your project brings to the community and/ or to the students that would be using the equipment. If you have a LAPPSET product in your design you could draw attention to its inclusivity and technological benefits. You could emphasize the physical and mental health benefits for children when building a grant proposal for a playground. Ask yourself and the community why they need this project and what it will bring.


Thirdly, research grants. There are plenty of national and statewide grants that can be applied to outdoor recreation projects. Check our article for both Louisiana and Mississippi grants. Check out LAPPSET’s list of grants here. Some grants that are STEAM education related are the American Honda Foundation, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Toshiba America Foundation Grant.  Find a few that work with your plan and apply accordingly. We also recommend reaching out to past winners of the grants you are applying for to get tips for editing your proposal and application.

 playground funding

Next, start building! This is where playground companies, like Pelican, take it off your hands and into the dirt! Make sure to keep posting on social media and on community websites to let everyone know your progress!